The Spelunky AI Competition

Spelunky is a 2009 2D platforming video game that is an incredibly challenging prospect for artificial and computationally intelligent algorithms.  Players must learn how to navigate a series of traps and enemies in 16 levels that are procedurally generated to be unique for each playthrough.  This issue is compounded by the games roguelike nature: dying forces the players to return to the very beginning of the game and all levels are generated again from scratch.  In the Spelunky AI competition, hobbyists and academics are challenged to write a bot in either GML or C++ using the SpelunkBots API.  Participants will be graded on performance against 20 hand-crafted maps crafted using the in-game editor: 10 of which will be made publically available, the other 10 remain hidden.  In addition, participants will be entered graded in the ‘marathon’ mode: an open challenge to create the first non-human player to complete Spelunky in its entirety.

Tommy Thompson,
Daniel Scales
James Tatum
Jordan Rowe
Brandon White
Samuel Kinnet

Submission deadline:
1st September, 2015

Official Webpage: