Intelligent agents and immersive virtual environments

Presenter: Aliane Loureiro Krassmann


Immersive virtual environments give people a sense of “Being There”. They are used every day as standalone applications in areas such as computer games or telepresence video conferences among others. A particular use of these technologies is in educational settings, where they can enhance learning experiences, foster participation, collaboration, creativity and engagement supported by conversational agents. This Tutorial will revise key elements that motivate the development of applications in this area that can create huge opportunities for integration and research.

Theoretical part:

This lecture will present emerging trends in computer science applied to education, specifically exploring the use of conversational agents (chat-bots) and immersive virtual environments (virtual worlds), addressing the integration of these technologies. The presentation will address the importance of these subjects in the current scientific scenario, software and platforms currently available for their development, the resources and devices available to the user, and examples of developed works and their application in the educational context. The purpose is to present an overview of the above issues and clarify several points that can help and motivate students to develop applications and research in this area.

Practical element:

In this part, the attendants will gain experience with a hands-on example. Where, the presenter will walk the participants trough the development and integration of a small application based on chat-bots and virtual worlds. The application will focus on educational applications based on virtual reality that will showcase the integration of the described technologies.