Algorithmic Game Theory

Presenters: Carmine Ventre and Maria Kyropoulou

Affiliation: CCFEA and CSEE, University of Essex


This tutorial will focus on the understanding and the design of the kinds of systems that are coming to define modern life, such as Amazon, Uber, eBay, etc. For these systems, it is not enough to know how to write software but one needs to understand what kind of behaviour the people interacting with the software will adopt. Through the lens of Algorithmic Game Theory we can analyse the rules that govern such systems with the goal of designing better and more successful ones. This design involves deciding what rules to set, what information and choices to offer to the users, which objectives to maximize, and so on.


Overall, in the context of this tutorial we will examine economic situations that arise in the context of the Internet through a computational and algorithmic approach. Because these situations involve human participants that interact, we have to think about their incentives and take into account their strategic behaviour. We will cover topics at the intersection of CS and Economics, such as the computation of stable states and the design of incentive-compatible algorithms.