Information-Centric Networking: Resource Management and Security

Presenter: Dr. Mays AL-Naday

Affiliation: CSEE, University of Essex


This tutorial will describe how Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is emerging as a communication model to form the basis of future networking architectures. Inspired by the evolving usage of the Internet, ICN suggests building communication relationships on the basis of mutual interest in information, rather than pairwise end-hosts. The concept decouples information from location, both temporally and spatially; thus, allowing – among other advantages – a straightforward support of anycast- and multicast-based dissemination of information, and fine-grained security mechanisms.


The tutorial will focus on the possibilities for new solutions that may leverage resource management and security in finer granularities, with added flexibilities and potentially reduced complexity. The tutorial also covers a discussion on the challenges faced by ICN, in terms of scalability, ability to support existing services and adaptability to the current infrastructure. While, these challenges have – so far – hindered the adoption of ICN by stakeholder, they triggered a stream of research efforts bridging the gaps with evolving solutions. The advancements made in ICN in conjunction with the uprising of network virtualisation/softwarisation yielded a growing interest in investigating the integration prospects of ICN concepts with other solutions, to facilitate next generation services.